An analysis of Aeroplan's Twitter followers

July 21, 2015

Air Canada handles almost forty million passengers a year, and their associated Aeroplan frequent flyer program has over five million active members. With Bridgestreet Global Hospitality Survey’s most recent report showing that around half of all North American air travel is business related, we wanted to find out where Aeroplan’s frequent fliers really wanted to go if they had the chance, and who those people were.

At Macromeasures, we analyzed all of Aeroplan’s followers on Twitter, and out of those 43,000 people, the top two international, continental destinations were Europe and Asia, comprising 42% and 35% of all followers respectively. Diving into each group, a distinct trend emerged that showed the different type of persona each destination attracted.

For those dreaming of Europe, we found that they skewed older, were wealthier, and enjoyed the finer things in life. The group’s top interests included shopping, luxury goods, museums, luxury hotels, fashion, and wine. Based on this, we suggested that the creative team take a direction that incorporated these elements, as well as use some esoteric language which conveyed that Aeroplan was in touch with the luxe European travel scene.

On the other hand, those hoping to fly to Asia were younger, more active, and far more adventurous. They were more likely to buy athletic apparel, book adventure travel, drink beer, and were also much more interested in cooking, with over half identifying as foodies. Our recommendation to the creative team was to focus on the exotic side of Asia, and frame it as a destination with plenty to uncover, with an increased focus on the local cuisine.

Check out the data on the top four interests of each group in a preview of our full report below.

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