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September 29, 2015

Over the past few months, we have been busy improving the Macromeasures data platform which aggregates, indexes, and analyses unstructured data from across the web. Every week, our platform becomes increasingly sophisticated, and this week we are excited to announce PDF reports.

In addition to our API, Macromeasures now provides industry and audience analysis PDF reports. We are able to tailor these reports to individual client needs, including how much data per category is required, and which audience segments should be analysed. These reports allow you to form an extremely robust and detailed understanding of not only the different types of people in your audience (or a competitor’s audience), but what drives each of these types of people. What websites do they read? What celebrities do they follow? What TV shows do they watch? What do they care about? Macromeasures answers all these questions and more, allowing you to improve your marketing strategy based on a more nuanced understanding of the customers you want to reach.

To illustrate the capabilities of our reports offering, we took another look at Teespring’s Twitter audience. The first time we looked at Teespring, we analysed their followers and found five main segments:

  • Pop Culture Fans
  • Sports Fans
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gamers
  • Country Culture

As our platform has improved significantly since that analysis, we decided to refine the segments we found last time and see what new features we could find that we couldn’t detect before. We also narrowed our analysis to include only English-speaking users based in the United States for which we could detect at least 5 distinct interests, to ensure high-quality insights.

As a result, we were able to replace the “Pop Culture Fans” segment with two fairly different (and more interesting) segments, and refined all the other segments to be more specific and targeted. In total, we found six segments that together represented over 70% of the personal, English-speaking, US-based accounts with at least 5 distinct interests in Teespring’s Twitter audience:

  • Art and design: 23.2% of the audience. Consists of users who have a strong interest in art (including design) or any interest in arts and crafts.
  • Rap and hip hop: 16.9% of the audience. Consists of users who have a strong interest in rap and hip hop.
  • Sports fans: 26.3% of the audience. Consists of users who have a
  • strong interest in one or more of the most popular American sports: football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.
  • Startups: 15.4% of the audience. Consists of users who have an interest in technology startups.
  • Gamers: 20.4% of the audience. Consists of users with a strong interest in video games.
  • Country culture: 18.3% of the audience. Consists of users with a strong interest in either country music or the culture of the Southern United States (typified by things like NASCAR, trucks, and the reality TV show Duck Dynasty).

For each of these segments, we found the top publishers, brands, online communities, TV shows, and more that are unique to that segment. Not only does this give more context into the psychographics of the people who make up each segment, it allows us to uncover insights unrelated to the definition of the segment.

For example, we found that the many of the gamers in Teespring’s audience play Halo and Titanfall more than the average user in Teespring’s audience, and are more likely to read IGN. That makes sense, but is hardly surprising, because those are all directly related to gaming. A more interesting insight is the fact that gamers are 3x more likely to be interested in Hasbro’s My Little Pony and are almost 4x more likely to be interested in anime conventions and events. Similarly, the sports fans in Teespring’s audience have a higher affinity to Buffalo Wild Wings, Foot Locker, and Budweiser.

Insights like these can make the difference between a weak marketing campaign and an excellent one. Macromeasures not only provides you with the customer intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions, but lets you slice and export the data however you wish, resulting in a truly informed marketing strategy.

You can download the full 278-page PDF report here:

Download report (5.6MB)

Interested in better customer intelligence? Email us at We’d love to help you get the insights you need for a more effective marketing strategy, whether that’s through integrating our API with individual-level granularity, or through detailed reports on your customers or those of your competitors. We can work with social handles on Twitter or Instagram or the email addresses in your CRM.

Macromeasures is an audience intelligence platform that helps brands and marketers better understand their consumers. Our technology transforms the billions of pieces of otherwise unstructured public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand’s audience and customer base at the individual level.

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