Businessmen, techies, and athletes all love Frank & Oak

August 06, 2015

Frank & Oak, a Montreal-based e-commerce menswear startup, raised a new round of financing late last year totaling $15 million on the back of their 1.5 million active users. With annual sales reaching nearly a million pieces, we wanted to see what types of guys (and girls) were buying into the startup’s brand and signing up for monthly Hunt Club crates.

At Macromeasures, we pulled out three types of guys who were big fans of the brand. These three groups, combined with their relatively small overlaps, represented approximately 89% of their customers.

Based on our findings, it looks as if Frank & Oak attracts businessmen, entrepreneurs, and athletes to its brand, with fairly equal representation from each. Each groups’ interests matched with what may be often associated with that persona - with sharply dressed businessmen up in the air, design-focused entrepreneurs who code, and athletic types who play multiple sports.

These insights can drive significantly more effective targeted marketing campaigns, with customized creatives all the way down to potential 1-to-1 marketing to allow brands to make hyperspecific content decisions with confidence.

Check out the breakdown of the three major groups, their intersections, and their three top interests in a preview of our full report below.

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Macromeasures is an audience intelligence platform that helps brands and marketers better understand their consumers. Our technology transforms the billions of pieces of otherwise unstructured public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand’s audience and customer base at the individual level.

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