An analysis of the Twitter followers of Trident and Denytne

July 23, 2015

With distribution to 165 countries and several dozen brands within its portfolio, eight of which surpass one billion dollars each in sales annually, Mondelez International is a true global snacking powerhouse. Since around three-quarters of their annual revenue comes from the Biscuits, Chocolate and Gum & Candy categories, we wanted to take a closer look within a category to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers.

At Macromeasures, we decided to focus on two of their major gum brands, Trident and Dentyne, to see if we could figure out who was chewing what. While the gender breakdown of each brand’s social following was fairly similar, their life stage, location, and interests couldn’t have been more different.

For Trident, their Twitter base was significantly younger, with more adolescents and college students following the brand. These younger consumers had a high rate of adoption for Apple’s iPhone, were more on the east coast of the United States, and the top foreign country was the United Kingdom. As a whole, compared to the average Dentyne follower, they were three times as likely to be interested in an internet celebrity, bars and nightlife, and tattoos and body art. They were also twice as likely to be interested in Apple products, electronic music, and soccer.

On the other end of the spectrum, Dentyne followers skewed older, with 21% of them parents. They were mostly west coast, used their computers instead of a mobile device for social media, and the top foreign country was Canada. They were three times as likely to be interested in travel, tea, and food, and twice as likely to be interested in baseball, cars, and entertainment awards.

Check out the full breakdown of the demographics and top differentiating psychographics in a preview of our full report below.

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  • Mondelez International Corporate Factsheet 2015

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