Turning Herbal Essences into a global powerhouse

July 31, 2015

Though Herbal Essences hair care products are widely-distributed in stores and amass billions in revenue per year, this degree of success is relatively new. When Proctor & Gamble acquired the brand back in 2001, Herbal Essences was a floundering, outdated company. To revitalize the brand, P&G launched a monolithic advertising crusade in 2006 to recapture its audience and attract millennials. Armed with an innovative frame of mind, Herbal Essences metamorphosed into a young, quirky brand: it introduced a new logo, employed vivacious colors, and retooled its bottles into a distinct, curvy shape. Today the brand attracts more young women than ever before, and has established itself as a major hair care player in the market. To better understand who constitutes Herbal Essences’ new audience, here at Macromeasures we took a closer look at the brand’s social media followers–this is what we found:

Herbal Essences’ social following can be segmented into six distinct personas that represent just under 93% of its total audience.

These personas–listed from largest to smallest–are Beauty Conscious Folks, Foodies, Parents, Health Nuts, Music Fans, and Fashionistas. The groups are independent from one another, with less than 5% overlap between any two.

Further analysis of Herbal Essence’s audience indicates that Foodies are five times more likely to eat American cuisine than other regional specialities, while Fashionistas are twenty times more interested in travel than other segments are. Similarly, the Beauty Conscious have a ten times greater interest in makeup & cosmetics than skin care.

By shedding light on the Herbal Essences’ audience mass, these tailored, organic insights provide invaluable information to drive targeted marketing campaigns. Equipped with this fundamental knowledge, brands can discover new segments of their audience and develop precise, customized content to increase engagement.

Take a peek at our audience segmentation and top interests report preview below!

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