Access powerful audience intelligence with the new Hootsuite+Macromeasures integration

June 17, 2015

Today we’re announcing a new integration with the world’s most popular social media management tool, Hootsuite, which lets you get even more out of your social media analytics.

Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social media relationship platform. More than 10 million users, including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, trust Hootsuite to manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard.

They’ve built the world’s most popular tool for monitoring social engagement, and with our integration, we hope to meet the audience intelligence needs of their customers.

We’ve created an integration available to all Hootsuite users with a Twitter account that makes a sample of our data available within the Hootsuite platform, viewable either as a separate stream or on an individual level. With this integration, you can not only learn more about individual users, but you can also measure and benchmark the demographics and psychographics of your audience, all within one user interface.

What’s more, you can also filter a stream of Twitter users by individual attributes – including their gender, their primary location, their interests and the TV shows they watch – all from within Hootsuite.

Audience intelligence inside your streams!

So why is this useful? The better audience intelligence you have at your disposal, the more effectively your brand can engage with its customers and shape messaging to deeply resonate with them.

Brands are increasingly turning to social to meet their market research needs, with deep investment in social listening and social analytics platforms. However, social has yet to become a key part of the persona development process that brands and marketers have so heavily invested in. With Macromeasures, they finally have the insights they need to understand who their customers are, how to market to them, and how to measure their performance with more powerful metrics.

The Macromeasures Intel platform is the future of how brands will leverage social networks in their marketing process. As they amass huge customer and audience bases, leveraging insights that allow them to tailor their messaging and measure their growth among specific buyer personas will set them apart from their peers. The Intel platform, which is currently still in development, will be a vital component of the social media toolset of these brands.

Available now is the Macromeasures Hootsuite app, which introduces our audience intelligence capabilities to the Hootsuite ecosystem. This integration – currently limited to Twitter – combines our powerful audience intelligence with the ability to manage all your accounts and engage directly from one interface.

That means powerful insights, tied right into your listening and engagement process. And who wouldn’t want that?

Getting started

This integration is available immediately to all Hootsuite users. If you’re not already using Hootsuite, you can sign up for free at Simply find and install the Macromeasures app in the Hootsuite App Directory (detailed instructions here).

Watch our screencast to learn more

Macromeasures is an audience intelligence platform that helps brands and marketers better understand their consumers. Our technology transforms the billions of pieces of otherwise unstructured public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand’s audience and customer base at the individual level.

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