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November 16, 2015

The value of social media in a brand’s marketing strategy no longer needs explaining. Marketers are fully embracing social: to generate hype around new products, to monitor what customers are saying about their brand, and even to offer customer support.

But it usually stops there. Which means that there’s a massive gap between how marketers could be using social and how they are using social. Just looking at hashtag usage or follower count doesn’t tell you the whole story, and it’s not taking advantage of the greater value of social data.

And that’s because the true value of social isn’t in analysing how your customers are interacting with your brand. Your customers are doing so much more than that on social: they’re talking to their friends; they’re sharing opinions on what matters to them; they’re following their favourite celebrities; they’re interacting with other brands. When processed and structured correctly, the result is a detailed and evolving portrait of who your customers actually are.

This type of real-time customer intelligence can complement – or even replace – traditional customer research focus groups or surveys. And marketers spanning almost every industry are beginning to catch on. Artie Bulgrin, SVP, Global Research & Analytics for ESPN, has said “You can’t ask people what they want, because what they say and what they do are two different things. We can actually improve our [initiative’s] success rate if we just listen a bit more … on a passive basis.” (Advertising Age)

As platforms like Twitter and Instagram continue to unleash a flood of unstructured data, brands need to incorporate it into their customer research strategy or risk being left behind. This is especially important for engaging with millennial customers, the 80 million of whom hold $600 billion in annual spending power (TIME). Difficult to track with traditional methods, this coveted customer group represents 70% of Instagram users and 61% of Twitter users (Gfk), and is leaving behind a wealth of information about themselves on the real-time web. Not taking advantage of this information means being in the dark about how best to attract and retrain your millennial customers, which is especially damaging because this is a group that has come to expect personalisation.

At Macromeasures, we process this unstructured data and transform it into deep, dynamic and structured profiles on individual users, which evolve just as quickly as popular culture does. Using our data, brands can segment their audience and personalise their messaging based on what their customers care about, in real time.

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Macromeasures is an audience intelligence platform that helps brands and marketers better understand their consumers. Our technology transforms the billions of pieces of otherwise unstructured public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand’s audience and customer base at the individual level.

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