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July 30, 2015

With over six million shirts sold last year alone, Teespring estimates that one in 75 Americans owns a shirt it’s helped create. We wanted to take a closer look at who was buying these shirts to gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

At Macromeasures, we decided to segment Teespring’s audience into its major component personas. We ended up finding five major groups, which, from largest to smallest, we’ve named: Pop Culture Fans, Sports Fans, Entrepreneurs, Gamers, and Country Culture.

These insights can drive significantly more effective targeted marketing campaigns, with tailored messaging either at the 5-group level, the 15-interest level, or with even further granularity based on additional demographic and psychographic characteristics. Deep insights, in this case the fact that Star Wars was 30 times more popular than Star Trek within the Gamer audience segment, allows brands to make hyperspecific content decisions with confidence.

Check out the full breakdown of the top five groups and their three top interests in a preview of our full report below.

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Macromeasures is an audience intelligence platform that helps brands and marketers better understand their consumers. Our technology transforms the billions of pieces of otherwise unstructured public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand’s audience and customer base at the individual level.

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