FullContact + Macromeasures

The industry's leading audience intelligence combined with FullContact.

Macromeasures is now directly integrated into the most popular customer data enrichment solution. Access powerful user-level insights tied to multiple social identities, all while tapping into FullContact’s contact management APIs.


Enrich CRM data

Identify the demographic and psychographic traits of your customers, and leverage that data across your marketing stack.

Power marketing solutions

By tying our dataset back to email addresses, Macromeasures data is now accessible through a common denominator across marketing tools.

Provide better experiences

Tap into our rich profiles to segment customers and delight them with personalized interactions.


Macromeasures is available as a premium feature within FullContact's Person API. To add this feature to your FullContact account plan, contact a FullContact sales representative at sales@fullcontact.com.