Macromeasures has built the industry's most advanced audience intelligence platform. Leveraging research-backed machine learning, Macromeasures transforms the vast universe of public social data into deep profiles on the demographics and psychographics of a brand's audience and customer base.

Our Hootsuite app offers a preview of our demographic and psychographic inference capabilities, for up to 500 followers per Twitter account. To learn more about our offering, send us an email us at
hello@macromeasures.com .


Analyze your followers

Identify the demographic and psychographic traits of your 1500 most recent followers, with breakdowns by gender, location, language, platform, interests, and TV shows.

Individual user analysis

See, at a glance, the traits we've inferred for any individual user, including relevant customer personas, top interests and TV shows, and primary location.

Filter your followers

Easily filter your followers by any of our inferred traits. Want to know which of your followers are located in New York, like coffee, and watch Game of Thrones? We can help with that.


Log in to Hootsuite.
Click on “App Directory.”
In the App Directory window, search for “Macromeasures”.
Click “Install App”.
Once the Macromeasures app is installed, select “Add streams to an existing tab” and click “Finish”


Find the Macromeasures stream in Hootsuite.
If this is the first time you are using Macromeasures from inside Hootsuite, there will be a place for you to enter your email.
When you click “Log In”, a new tab will open asking you to authorise your Twitter account.
If you are not taken to the Twitter website, try turning off any pop-up blockers and refreshing the page.
Once authorization is complete, you will be taken back to Hootsuite, and Macromeasures will begin analyzing up to 500 of your followers. This may take a few minutes.


Uninstalling Macromeasures for Hootsuite

Log in to Hootsuite.
Click on “App Directory”.
In the App Directory window, click “Installed Apps”.
Click the trash icon next to the Macromeasures app.