Hootsuite + Macromeasures

The industry's most advanced audience intelligence is now available within Hootsuite

Macromeasures is now directly integrated into the world's most widely used social relationship platform. Access powerful analytics, identify audience personas and filter by our demographic and psychographic filters.

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Check out our Macromeasures Hootsuite app demo to see us break down all the features we're rolling out and how you can start using them today.

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Analyze your followers

Identify the demographic and psychographic traits of up to 1500 of your followers, with breakdowns by gender, location, language, platform, and interests.

Individual user analysis

See, at a glance, the traits we've inferred for any individual user, including relevant customer personas, top interests and TV shows, and primary location.

Filter your followers

Easily filter your followers by any of our inferred traits. Want to know which of your followers are located in New York, like coffee, and watch Game of Thrones? We can help with that.