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We help marketers understand their millennial customers by giving them world-class customer intelligence.

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Deep, dynamic, and structured profiles

What is a profile?

A Macromeasures profile is a deep understanding of an individual customer. Their gender, location, what brands they like, what shows they watch, and what they are interested in. A profile is who they are and how you can more effectively market to them.

How do you get this data?

We build profiles based on the data people are leaving behind on the real-time web. Using our proprietary technology, we are continuously processing data from across the web to build profiles that are detailed, comprehensive, and constantly evolving to keep up with popular culture.

How can I use them?

You can combine our profiles with your own data to build a deeper understanding of your customers. This unified view of your customer base will empower your organisation to make data-driven decisions with confidence, resulting in more successful marketing campaigns.

For brands

Tap into our rich profiles to segment customers and delight them with personalized interactions.

For data vendors

Real-time and highly accurate demographics and psychographics that can add value across the marketing stack.

For social tools

Powerful filtering, segmentation and insights - all through one easy-to-use API.

For agencies

Impress clients and drive effective campaigns through our reports and data enrichments.

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